Monthly Archive:: April 2016

Will interest rates begin to rise?

Hawks versus doves doesn’t sound like a fair fight. Doves coo and eat seeds. Hawks screech

Smartphones: Have they become an addiction?

From the moment people wake up in the morning, they are attached to their phones. They

Powerful Teaching with SmartPhones

If you ask educators about cellphones in their classrooms, they will all have a passionate response

More than half of us have smartphones

Two separate surveys confirmed that smartphone penetration has not only passed half of all mobile subscribers,

Renee Kester in Forever video directed by Tim Milgram

The latest visual from director Tim Milgram and choreographer / performer Renee Kester is a dance

Jana Kramer Career Milestones

Actor, singer, and songwriter Jana Kramer was born December 3, 1983, and grew up with country

Elle King Career Milestones

Elle King (born Tanner Elle Schneider; July 3, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

Your job may be dangerous for your health

If you’re like many professionals, your full-time job takes up most of your waking hours. But

How to use social media and work-connected smart devices in offices

Like the millennials that run them, newer companies accept social media as a part of everyday

Is Generation Z ready for tha office life?

While there’s some disagreement as to the exact start year of Generation Z, one thing is