A simple kiss can make a relationship

A simple kiss can make a relationship

A simple kiss can break or make a relationship. This basic act of affection can sometimes be rather complicated for a guy to do exactly the right way. As a man, you certainly don’t want women to be repulsed by your smooches; neither do you want to make her feel that you are timid and shy.

A simple peck on the cheek will not be adequate to woo her off her feet. An aggressive slobbering certainly will not do it either. Most men don’t get it, especially when they are inexperienced with women. Of course, you don’t need a degree in kissing to totally seduce a woman, but you must have some knowledge and garner some skill. Remember Betty Everett’s Shoop Shoop Song, “It’s in his kiss”? A kiss is very special to a woman, your very first kiss will determine if she will sleep with you or not.

1. Be confident in yourself

A woman likes a confident and courageous man. So don’t try to be timid or shy when approaching your date. The more confident you are, the easier it will be to have a great kiss.

2. Start off easy

Do not rush into things so fast buddy. You have to set the mood for love during your date. Make her feel special, gently guide her to a chair at the table, listen to her and try to have a great night, sharing common interests. Maybe you can have a dance or take a scenic romantic walk; whatever you do your aim is to make her feel special. When she feels special, she will be more confident in you.

3. Relax

Don’t worry about ‘when is the right moment’, ‘how will she react’, ‘will I be good’ and so on. You will know when the moment is right, and once you are both in the mood for each other, don’t worry about how well you are doing. Just focus on the sensations you give each other and your senses will guide you.

4. Try to be private

Most women prefer to make out in private, especially if it’s their first kiss. Don’t try to kiss her passionately in front of others; it will be a big mistake. This will simply show that you don’t care enough about her feelings. So find a cozy secluded area to have that passionate kiss.

5. Help build her confidence

“Give her the confidence to be free”
“Give her the confidence to be free”
You can give a woman some sexual reassurance by simply making physical contact. These can be subtle swiping of hair, a soft embrace, touching her arms, softly touching her chin and cheeks. These signals help a woman understand what is coming next, and if she is uncomfortable with the situation, she will pull away. If she does pull away from you, don’t push it. She will resent you later.

6. Make eye contact

Eye contact is important. The look in your eyes tells a woman how confident you are and how much you desire her.

7. Tease her

Very tenderly touch her lips with your lips but do not kiss her. Lightly kiss her neck and caress her gently with your breath. Move away and gently glide your lips across her ears, giving each lobe a tiny peck and maybe a slight touch with your tongue or teeth. Make sure you don’t bite her or blow into her ears. Just the gentle sensations of your touch and breath will have her melting with desire.

8. Go for the kiss

Give light kisses all over her face, use your arms to pull her closer to you. Make one last eye contact with her, then close your eyes and bring your lips to her lips. Start with sensual pecks, and then slowly kiss her deeply.

9. Do it more passionately

Use your hands to caress her arms, back, lightly move your hands around her sides. Kiss her deeply and more passionately while you caress. Try not to caress her breasts, buttocks or pubic area unless she guides your arms to do so. Some women consider heavy petting on first dates inappropriate. Don’t try to eat her mouth either. Be sensually aggressive, not violently aggressive. After a few minutes, pause and give her time to catch her breath, and then start again.

10. Know when to walk away

After several minutes of fervent kissing, it’s hard to walk away, I know. But you have to exercise self-control. Slow it down to a stop.

Finally, when the date is over, give her one last peck on her lips and say goodbye. You will leave a powerful impression on her heart. She will certainly be longing for more, and probably go even further the next time. She will be convinced that sleeping with you would be unbelievably good.