Atlantic Releasing Corporation Archive

Wish You Were Here (1987)

Taglines: Some people march to the beat of a different drummer. Lynda’s got her own brass

Wild Thing (1987)

Taglines: A loner. A legend. A hero. When his parents are killed in a botched drug

A Tiger’s Tale (1988)

Bubber Drumm is a Houston high school student. Rose Butts is an alcoholic, more than twice

Teen Wolf Too (1987)

Todd Howard (Jason Bateman), the cousin of Scott Howard, has recently been accepted into Hamilton University

The Good Wife (The Umbrella Woman) (1987)

Taglines: The storm happened inside her. Unbridled passions sear under the hot Australian sun in this

Nomads (1986)

Taglines: If you’ve never been frightened by anything, you’ll be frightened by this! The film begins

Modern Girls (1986)

Taglines: Never stand in line. Never pay for your own drinks. Never stand next to a

Echo Park (1986)

Taglines: A sly, seductive comedy. In the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, everyone is more

Water (1986)

Taglines: Water bursts all over London! The story is set in the fictional Caribbean island and

Teen Wolf (1985)

Taglines: He always wanted to be special… but he never expected this! Meet Scott Howard, a