Cannon Films Archive

White of the Eye (1988)

A series of murders of rich young women throughout Arizona bears distinctive signatures of a serial

Tough Guys Don’t Dance (1987)

Taglines: A love story shadowed by murder. A comedy laced with horror. Writer, ex-con and 40-something

Street Smart (1987)

Taglines: To get even he must get Street Smart. Magazine reporter Jonathan Fisher, in danger of

Over the Top (1987)

Taglines: Rocky, Rambo, Cobra and now Hawk, in the biggest fight of his life. Lincoln Hawk

He-Man: Masters of the Universe (1987)

Taglines: A battle fought in the stars… now comes to Earth. On the planet Eternia, the

Mannequin (1987)

Taglines: When she comes to life, anything can happen! Jonathan Switcher is a young artist. He

The Hanoi Hilton (1987)

A drama focusing on the suffering, torture, and brutal treatment the American P.O.W.s had to deal

Down Twisted (1987)

Taglines: She’s been set up, shanghaied, and shot at. There must be an easier way to

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)

Taglines: The biggest Death Wish ever! Erica Sheldon (Dana Barron), the teenage daughter of Karen Sheldon

Business As Usual (1988)

Babs Flynn (Jackson) is the manager of a Liverpool boutique. When she accuses the regional manager