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Lyrics for The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel

“The Sound of Silence”, originally “The Sounds of Silence”, is a song by the American music

Alphaville – Big in Japan Lyrics

“Big in Japan” is the debut single of the German band Alphaville. It is from their

The Michael Zager Band – Let’s All Chant Lyrics

“Let’s All Chant” is a song written by Michael Zager and Alvin Fields and performed by

Elli Kokkinou – Ti Ths Exeis Brei Lyrics

Elli Kokkinou; Greek: Έλλη Κοκκίνου) (born July 24, 1970) is a Greek singer who was born

Despina Vandi – A Pa Pa Lyrics

Despina Vandi, born as Despina Malea (Δέσποινα Μαλέα) on 22 July 1969, is a Greek singer

Suzi Quatro and Can the Can Lyrics

Susan Kay “Suzi” Quatro (born 3 June 1950) is a British-based American singer-songwriter, bass guitar player,

No Sugar Tonight Video by The Guess Who

The Guess Who brings back memories of muscle cars, eight track players mounted under the dash,

Nelly Furtado – On the Radio (Remember The Days) Lyrics

“…on the Radio (Remember the Days)” is the third official single from Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado’s

Ke$ha – Slow Motion Lyrics

Kesha Rose Sebert (born March 1, 1987), known mononymously as Kesha (formerly stylized as Ke$ha), is

Tanita Tikaram – Twist in My Sobriety Lyrics

“Twist in My Sobriety” is a song written and recorded by Tanita Tikaram. Released as a