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The best friend of actress Gaby Hoffmann, Ricci was well remembered when she teamed up with fellow superstar Johnny Depp in the Tim Burton's horror flick Sleepy Hollow (1999), where she was handed a 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment award. In more recent movies, she drew accolades for her outstanding performance as Cheri Post in the thriller Bless the Child (2000, costarring Kim Basinger), for which she took home a second Blockbuster Entertainment award in 2001. She also earned a nomination at the MTV Movie awards (shared with Charlize Theron) for her work in Patty Jenkins' Aileen Wuornos biopic Monster (2003).

Off screen, Ricci is on the national board of VOX. As for her private life, Ricci was previously linked to Big Fat actor Matthew Frauman and actor Orlando Bloom. She is currently dating actor Adam Goldberg).

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