Don’t let money problems ruin your marriage

Don't let money problems ruin your marriage

There is no good way for married couples to manage their money. But there are many wrong ways. “Financial issues are the main reason for 90 percent of divorce cases I handle,” said John Thyden, a prominent Washington, DC, divorce lawyer. “But this is not necessarily the amount of money that a couple which tends to make them stumble. What are the differences in their spending habits and especially their lack of communication. “Some issues to watch. And while you’re there, try to adopt these habits happiest couples.

1. Neglect relationships

Sometimes arguments about money are really not enough attention to your wedding (this stop having the same fight), rather than your financial situation. When spouses feel neglected, they may resort to spend money on items they can not afford or bring up the buying habits of their partners as a means of avenging the deeper questions. Examine the root of your battles and determine if your budget concerns are actually a byproduct of hurt feelings. Then, if necessary, to start a makeover of marriage.

2. Love Is Blind

At the beginning of a relationship, money is often not a problem. Love can be intoxicating, and some spouses to express their emotions by providing their partners with exorbitant spending sprees, flying to exotic vacations, and other costly activities (do not make these mistakes money). Then reality sets in, and couples have to worry about their rent or mortgage, children and living expenses. A financial planner can help you get your finances on track and develop a budget that you can hold. Also, some financial rules to follow as a couple.

3. When Women Are the Breadwinners

Women are the breadwinners in one of three dual-income families today. Although more money may be beneficial, it also challenges the traditional gender roles, so that wives may feel guilty to put less time in human mother while husbands may feel like they have failed somehow. Establish rights equal to those of your spouse’s expenses, so you’re both on the same page.

4. Keeping Up with the Joneses

It may be easy for couples to become jealous of the habits of other couples and feel like they need to live beyond their means just to keep pace. However, this can lead to debt and put a significant amount of stress in a marriage. To dig with your spouse and work together to reduce these uncertainties.

5. A Lack of Open Communication

Not knowing exactly where your money goes each month can create resentment. Have an honest conversation with your partner when you break both your household expenses. Discuss your priorities and decide together if you need to reduce or add to a specific category.