Facebook is implementing an unfollow button

Facebook is implementing an unfollow button

It looks like Facebook is going the way of Twitter and Instagram. Soon users will be able to unfollow friends whose comments and updates they’d like to remove from their News Feed, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

Yes, that’s right folks! Now, if you’re not a fan of Suzy Q’s droning on about Cyber Monday or Larry’s love for his kitty cats or Amy’s insufferable photos of the latest adorable thing her daughter did, you can just nix them from your News Feed with the quick click of a button. The new phrasing will replace the existing “hide all” button, which is available to users in the drop-down on posts in the News Feed.

The best part is that users will not be notified if they’ve been unfollowed, thus keeping your social circle intact and avoiding any hard feelings. The functionality ultimately allows you to avoid news you’re not interested in, without actually “defriending” someone and shrinking your social presence.

“The goal of this change is to help people curate their News Feed and see more of the content that they care about,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote in a statement given to Mashable.

The new language lines right up with other applications like Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, which all use follow and unfollow to indicate whose news and posts you have access to.