Top 10 Buzzwords on LinkedIn Profiles

Top 10 Buzzwords on LinkedIn Profiles

Does the profile page of your resume on LinkedIn describe you as someone with an ‘extensive experience?’ Or perhaps that you are ‘innovative’ or ‘motivated.’

If yes, then yours could be one of the 85 million profiles, searched by the LinkedIn Analytics Team, as they decided to have a glance at the most extensively used phrases in the profiles of its users.

The team analysed that the most stereotyped buzzwords used by people in the US to describe themselves include words like ‘innovative,’ ‘motivated,’ ‘result-oriented’ and ‘problem solver.’

Now before you begin to have a laugh at the Americans, hear this out. According to a report, LinkedIn states, “while members from the USA, Canada and Australia tend to emphasise their ‘extensive experience,’ Brazilians, Indians and Spaniards identify themselves as ‘dynamic’ professionals.” They further add, “Members in the UK call themselves more ‘motivated’ and the French, the Germans, the Italians and the Dutch see themselves as ‘innovative.'”

As per LinkedIn, the top 10 extensively used buzzwords in the USA in 2010 are as follows.

• Extensive experience
• Innovative
• Motivated
• Results-oriented
• Dynamic
• Proven track record
• Team player
• Fast-paced
• Problem solver
• Entrepreneurial