Worst reasons for going back to school

Worst reasons for going back to school

Earning a degree solely to land a job is a desperate move that could backfire.

Thinking back to school to further your education? This could be a great movement if done for the right reasons. If done for the wrong reason… Well, not really.

Meredith Haberfeld, a career based in New York and the coach, said prospective students should carefully consider what they want their future to look like before returning to school.

“It’s about understanding what you love to do, how you are determined to win, and what careers and degrees is back to that,” says Haberfeld.

Will you return to school for the right reasons? Read on to see what the experts say are some of the best and worst reasons to return to school.

Worse Reason 1 – You are pushed by someone to do

Going back to school should be a decision you make for yourself, not a person decision for you.

“Personally, I think it’s better for students to like this quote big” Pulp Fiction “, says,” walk the earth like Kane in Kung-Fu “and understand what they want,” says Schneiderman.

In other words, he thinks let someone else push you at school is a terrible idea.

“What happens,” he says, “is that they end up being a failure for their first couple semesters and once they have such bad grades on their transcripts, it is always with them. Then, in a few years when they are ready and motivated to return to school, they have such bad marks stuck with them. ”

So make sure you go back to school because you want to, not because someone pushes you to do so.

Worse Reason 2 – You do it only to get a job

Going back to school to help you achieve your career goals is a great idea. But if you go back to school to get a degree exclusively for a job – it’s a problem.

Many people are desperate for a job now, and like so many studies have shown, obtaining a college degree is related to employment rates are better. But remember, life is much more than a paycheck. Enjoying what you do is as vital to your health and happiness.

“Is this a great company to Yes. But if you hate business, it’s terrible to pursue a degree,” said Schneiderman. He even saw students trying to earn a nursing degree who hate people and low to the sight of blood. It’s hopeless – and a bad life choices.

Worse Reason 3 – You do not know what else to do

Not knowing what you do in terms of your career can be difficult. But that does not mean that the return to school is the best solution.

“I can not tell you how many lawyers I work with who are three to 20 years studied law and hate what they do, but went to law school thinking,” Well, I do not know what else to do,'”says Haberfeld. “They never really wanted to be a lawyer. Their thought process was” What is something that will pass my future?”

Before you decide to go back to school, do your research and see if the degree you are considering is really for you.

Haberfeld suggests talking to people who actually do the work you do continue. “Find out what they like about their work, what they dislike about their work, what they actually do every day, that the culture industry is like and then evaluate if it is a match for you.”